Our Story:

Rahel Bekele is the sole proprietor who has continually endeavored to enhance the quality of all beauty products that women should enjoy. In the past, Rahel was a victim of domestic violence. This encounter changed her and made her become a renowned philanthropist who fights against this heinous act. Actually, she gives a whopping 10% of the net profit from Rahel Fashion to run a charity focused on female domestic violence. This helps a lot in curbing the immensely hard fought female domestic violence in the USA and around the World. This gives many women a reason to buy from Rahel Fashion since they not only get value for their money but also help a woman going through domestic violence.

Making an order form us will not only deliver high-quality products but will also save lives of women from the ruthless domestic violence. Therefore, come Shop with us now, feel the difference, and make a difference in a woman’s life.

Why Rahel Fashion?

Shopping that helps you make the right choice.

Rahel Fashion offers you a shopping experience that is unparalleled in World. We bring sellers from different locations from across diverse product ranges and buyers from all over USA, together, in a unique digital marketplace. sports and entertainment, groceries and other product ranges makes us an exclusive one stop shop for easy buying. Customers can view product details and images in order to choose the right product, at the convenience of only a few clicks. Through our logistics network, we cater to shoppers from around the country, delivering right at their doorstep. Pay by cash on delivery or online using your debit or credit card in a secure and tested environment.

The versatility of a complete marketplace

At Rahel Fashion we understand your needs, hence we strive to offer you the complete, personalized and secure online shopping experience for you, your friends and family. We showcase products from a wide scope of sellers from across the country, catering to all your needs.

Our Services at your Doorsteps

Want to buy a product you like? It is just a few clicks away. Make an order and the seller will deliver it right at your doorstep. Payment is simply cash on delivery to the rider, by credit or debit card, or card swipe on delivery (in major cities). Delivery is door-to-door and handled by our trusted logistics partners.

Rahel Fashion – the 24×7 Online Marketplace for everything

We bring together leading sellers for various product types together at one place so that all your retail needs can be conveniently and competitively fulfilled at Rahel Fashion.  As a customer you have the liberty to compare a product sold by a number of different vendors and choose one which is best suited to your needs and budget. Browse Rahel Fashion to access over 50,000 products, at any time of the day, from the comfort of your home, office, or on the go using our mobile app. Call us on (866) 650-3646   or email us at supports@rahelfashion.com for any queries.


We are quick to respond to our customers in the shortest possible time via whatever medium of communication they have chosen. Our offer on almost immediate returns on defected or damaged merchandise during transit allows you to feel as comfortable as if you were choosing goods from your own shop. Our philosophy is simple: “Treat someone as you would like to be treated yourself”.  Our staff first unlearns their existing customer service knowledge and then relearn it our way; the ‘iShopping’ way. This ensures us to be able to sell world class branded products coupled with the most convenient and effective Rahel Fashion service. Shop now with Rahel Fashion and feel the difference!

Happy Shopping!